Conference calls are cumbersome at best.

Receive a call that connects you on time.


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The most convenient way to join any conference call

Connect your calendar or forward the conference call invite, switchboard will call you on time.


SwitchBoard makes it easy to join conference calls


Be on time

Are you always 5 minutes late to your conference calls because you missed the reminder?

Receive a call that you can't miss right on time.


Be Focused

Always struggling to dial-in your conference calls?

Never worry about what number to call or meeting number to type-in. Just pick up the phone.


Be Safe

Always taking calls while driving?

Be dialed-in hand-free to a bridge, without needing to look your phone once.

How about security?

Glad you asked, it is CRITICAL to us.

Minimal data stored
Sensitive data is kept out of our system
Your connection is encrypted using SSL
Physical Security
Hosted in a SAS70 Type II facility
Frequently Asked Questions
How do I get started?

Switchboard is in beta, signup above, and follow the instructions and you will be able to start using Switchboard.

How does it work?

Switchboard uses your calendar to identify when you have a conference call, and what is the conference calls number. Once identified, we just connect you.

What if I don't have Google Apps or Office365?

It is very simple. Forward your invite (attached as a .ics file) to from your email client, and copy (by adding the Cc field) <your-phone-number> For example:

Switchboard on Gmail animated gif

What phone number will you call me at?

If you signed up for an account, you probably have a phone number registered. That's the number we will use. If not, Switchboard will call you at the phone number you specified in the Cc field when forwarding the meeting invite. For example, if you specify, then we will call 650-123-1234 to connect you to your meeting.

How do you know what conference call to connect me to?

The meeting invite you forward most likekly contains all the information Switchboard needs to connect you with the conference call. Switchboard will parse the conference call provider, the phone number to call and the meeting number, ping code, etc... If Switchboard is unable to process this information, then you will receive an error message instead of a confirmation.

How much will I have to pay for the service?

Switchboard is completely free while in beta. We are still ironing out the detail of the paid model. You might have to pay to get access to premium features and to use the service an unlimitted amount of time.

How do I know you will call me?

If you have received an email confirmation from us. We will call you. That's what we do.

Do you support recurring meeting?

Absolutely, recurring meetings are supported. They work exactly the same way, you don't need to send the invite (.ics file) everytime. You just need to forward the original recurring meeting invite.

How early do you call me to join the conference call?

We connect you between 120 and 60 seconds before your call is scheduled to start.

The Most Convenient Way
to join any conference call